For homeowners in the Milwaukee area, adding a sunroom is a great way to enjoy outdoor living with the comforts and amenities of the indoors. No matter what the weather has in store, a Wisconsin sunroom is a delightful space for entertaining family and friends, relaxing in the sun, dining under the...

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Listen to our happy customers describe what they like best about their favorite room in the house - their brand new sunroom! Are you thinking about adding a bright new space to your home? We would love to help you with your sunroom project - feel free to give us a call or send us a message, and we...

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One of the best decisions you can make in terms of adding more value to your existing home is to add more valuable living space. Many families are choosing to do this by adding custom sunrooms. By adding a sunroom, you not only increase square footage; you also bring more light and a more "open fe...

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When you first start looking into adding a sunroom to your house, you might be surprised that there are several major decisions you have to make.  The first decision will be choosing which of the sunroom types you want.  Two of the primary types are three season sunrooms or all season sunr...

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As the warmer weather slowly but surely arrives, it makes everyone want to spend more time enjoying the much-welcomed sunshine. In the spirit of bringing the wonderful weather indoors, one of the first places to get more attention and use is the sunroom.  Since the warmer temperatures tend t...

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Sunrooms allow you to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of the indoors.  What better way to include the outdoors than by adding plants to your sunroom addition?  Before you jump right into sunroom gardening, you’ll need to know which plants are great for sunrooms and how to care for them...

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There’s no doubt that custom all season rooms can greatly enhance your home, but only if you put in a little extra work. The space itself isn’t what will transform your house—it’s the way you decorate it to make it feel like a part of your home. If you want to create the perfect sunroom space, it...

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Three seasons sunrooms are an excellent home addition for any Wisconsin homeowner: they’re beautiful, cost-effective, and built for enjoyment through most of the year. But these benefits do come with a small catch. Because most Wisconsin three seasons rooms aren’t weatherproofed with heavy-duty insu...

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The first few weeks of the new year are some of the most hopeful in the calendar year, and we sure do take advantage of that fact with long lists of resolutions that range from admirable to downright unrealistic. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with setting the resolution bar high; but before you c...

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A product’s true quality lies in the sum of its parts, and our sunrooms are no exception. In fact, the innovative design and attentive engineering of each component used during your installation ensures that your home addition from S.E. Wisconsin Sunrooms will wow you with its durability, energy eff...

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