Sunrooms bring the outdoors in. Enjoying these summer months make it easy to soak up sunshine and spend days by the beach. When the cooler temperatures and shorter daylight days come, many wish for the beach and those hot summer days to return. Since we can’t avoid the cold, especially in Wisconsin, the next best thing is a beach-inspired sunroom to enjoy year round.

Why is a sunroom the perfect addition?

Sunrooms provide optimal natural light while providing a space to relax, gather, and enjoy company. At SE Wisconsin Sunrooms, we have been providing custom sunrooms for decades, and understand that each sunroom is a new opportunity to help with new styles, budgets, and tastes.

Serving areas within the Southeast Wisconsin region, we’d love to help you design the perfect beach-inspired sunroom.

What decorating elements can truly set your beach sunroom apart?

Turquoise and white paint are the perfect paint color to give your sunroom a true beach vibe. Other bright colors used as accents are a great way to create pops of color throughout the room.

White curtains also add a great touch to an overall beach theme. Multiple sunroom designs and ideas are available in our online gallery as well, providing more inspiration when it comes time to plan your own sunroom. Another great option for additional sunroom decor includes tropical plants and shells. These add a simple touch to an overall look.

Does a beach sunroom sound like the perfect addition to your home? Start designing your beach inspired sunroom addition today by downloading our free design guide.