A product’s true quality lies in the sum of its parts, and our sunrooms are no exception. In fact, the innovative design and attentive engineering of each component used during your installation ensures that your home addition from S.E. Wisconsin Sunrooms will wow you with its durability, energy efficiency, and beauty for years to come.

To give you a better idea of the staggering degree of craftsmanship that goes into each of our sunrooms, and to provide a stronger sense for how we’ve distanced ourselves from the competition, here are some of our installations’ most impressive specs and benefits:

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  • Strong foundations, built to last – Strength comes from within, especially when it comes to our incredibly durable floor and wall starters and corner posts. Unlike traditional foundational components that essentially amount to a flimsy piece of aluminum with an open-ended, clog-prone U-shaped channel, our starters are reinforced with a sturdy aluminum core and vinyl encasement.
  • Unrivaled weatherproofing – We install flexible main and side keys within our foundational components to stabilize both the glass panels and structure itself. The flexibility of the keys allows the sunroom to absorb hurricane-force winds of up to 150 MPH without compromising the integrity of the glass or the pieces holding it in place.
  • Energy savings – Our sunrooms are so energy efficient, they should be called greenrooms. All of our home additions are constructed to provide a structure-wide airtight seal. Our roof panels are the crucial components. Their thickness ranges from 6” to 12”, but even at the lowest thickness, our panels are still twice the size of our competitors’.
  • Fully customizable – From clip-on electric raceways that simplify the process of wiring your sunroom to our expansive palette of sealing plank color options, every aspect of our sunrooms and installation process is designed to provide you with a structure that adds contemporary stylistic flair to your property while staying consistent your home’s layout.
To learn more about the industry-advancing features of our beautiful sunroom selection, or to begin your home addition project so you can experience them for yourself, give our knowledgeable representatives at S.E. Wisconsin Sunrooms a call today or fill out our quick online form to receive your free design guide!