The first few weeks of the new year are some of the most hopeful in the calendar year, and we sure do take advantage of that fact with long lists of resolutions that range from admirable to downright unrealistic. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with setting the resolution bar high; but before you conquer the big stuff, why not start with the small – but equally important – tasks, like maintaining your sunroom.

Maybe you have a three seasons room that’s been empty since the end of September, or perhaps you’re too busy enjoying the comforts of an all seasons room to remember that all luxuries need upkeep. Whatever your situation, the best way to get the most longevity out of your sunroom is with a little D.I.Y.

Here are few simple sunroom cleaning tips to get you started:

Resolution 1: Stay Safe

Most of the time, you can keep your sunroom clean without professional assistance, but it’s important to follow some basic safety measures. When using a ladder, never rest it against your sunroom’s windows. Doing so could break the glass, and your bones if said ladder is unstable and comes crashing down! When cleaning the ceiling of your sunroom, never step on it. Even if it’s made with a glasslike substitute. Instead, use scaffolding to reach the ceiling and other out-of-reach areas safely.

Resolution 2: Use the Right Materials

For starters, get familiar with your sunroom manufacturer’s recommendations to better understand its cleaning requirements. Avoid harsh cleaners and pressure washers because they can damage the seals and cause leaks. Instead, the simple combination of warm soapy water and a squeegee will give your sunroom a spot-free shine. Glass cleaners are safe too.

Resolution 3: Clean in the Right Order

To avoid going back over areas you’ve already washed, clean from top to bottom. Completely wash and dry the ceiling frames and glass before moving on to the walls. Many prefer working from the outside in since they view cleaning the exterior as more difficult and prefer to complete the hardest task first.

Resolution 4: Use Component-Specific Cleaning Practices

From seals and glass to vinyl and roof paneling, there are a lot of components to clean to ensure that your sunroom is properly maintained. Make sure you use the best cleaning procedures and materials for each. When cleaning vinyl for example, sometimes you need more than soapy water to remove tough stains. When this happens, switch to a strong, non-abrasive cream cleaner.

Resolution 5: Check for Leaks

When cleaning your sunroom, make sure the weather seals are properly fitted to the doors and windows. Leaks lead to mold, so it’s important to repair them right away. Sometimes discoloration of silicone seals is normal and cannot be avoided, but cracked or loose-fitting seals should be repaired right away.

Keeping your sunroom clean is one of the best ways to protect your investment. At S.E. Wisconsin Sunrooms, we’re here to answer any of your sunroom maintenance questions. Don’t have a sunroom? Then you’ve come to the right place! S.E. Wisconsin Sunrooms is the premier provider of custom sunrooms in the region.

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