Three seasons sunrooms are an excellent home addition for any Wisconsin homeowner: they’re beautiful, cost-effective, and built for enjoyment through most of the year. But these benefits do come with a small catch.

Because most Wisconsin three seasons rooms aren’t weatherproofed with heavy-duty insulation and an HVAC system, they require some extra care to prepare them adequately for winter. Luckily, these protective measures aren’t too difficult.

Take these 5 simple steps to better prepare your sunroom for the freezes, blasts, and chills of the Wisconsin winter:

1. Add Weatherstripping
To prevent air or water from seeping in, fasten rubber or vinyl weatherstripping along the top and sides of your doors and windows. If you prefer not to put nail holes in your door casings, head to your local home improvement store and buy some foam weatherstripping tape, which is designed to form a non-destructive weathertight seal.

2. Don’t Forget the Bottom Draft
Although weatherstripping windows and doors will certainly help winterize your sunroom, the worst drafts usually enter through the bottom of the door. Consider adding a door sweep or creating your own DIY draft blocker to lay along the bottom of your doors. Rolled-up towels or filled pillows are great for covering drafts and holding heat inside.

3. Seal Up Cracks to Keep Warm Air In

If your windows or doors are leaky—or if you have a crack in your wall—add some quick foam sealant or heavy-duty caulking to cover any open spaces. Most foam sealants are inexpensive and expand to fill even the smallest gaps, improving heat retention and cutting down drafty air.

4. Consider Cloth
If you aren’t up for making physical alterations to your windows and doors, there’s another easy strategy to try: add drapes! To get the most heat-retaining benefits, choose a heavy-duty, insulating fabric for your drapes. For natural heat (and vibrant lighting), allow sunlight to enter your sunroom as much as possible, only closing the drapes once the sun sets.

5. Start Early!
The best advice we can give is this: don’t wait until the first major freeze to start thinking about protecting your three seasons room. By acting before the weather gets too uncomfortably cold, you’ll have enough time to check whether your methods are working—and to improve them if they aren’t.

These DIY tricks are great in terms of affordability, but for long-term durability and weather protection, there’s really no substitute for professional expertise. At S.E. Wisconsin Sunrooms, we specialize in WeatherMaster three seasons rooms that don’t require any additional DIY preparations for winter.

Built with high-performance WeatherMaster doors and windows, our sunrooms come with a variety of customizable options to improve their weather-resistance, including tempered glass, UV-resistant glazing, and tints. We can even add amenities like HVAC systems, electrical outlets, and internet connections for a cozy year-round retreat.

If you’re ready to say goodbye to annual DIY projects, call S.E. Wisconsin Sunrooms today! We’d love to show you how our WeatherMaster windows and doors can leave you with a three seasons room that’s durable and maintenance-free in any weather. Call us today or complete our quick online form to request your free design guide!