Sunrooms allow you to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of the indoors.  What better way to include the outdoors than by adding plants to your sunroom addition?  Before you jump right into sunroom gardening, you’ll need to know which plants are great for sunrooms and how to care for them.

Choosing Plants

When you decide to start growing plants in a sunroom, you will need to carefully choose your plants.  Since some plants thrive in warm, humid climates while others do not, you will need to make sure that all of the plants you choose require similar care.  Otherwise, some of your plants will do well while the others will likely die.

Most tropical plants and houseplants will do very well in a sunroom.  Hibiscus, Orchids, African Violets, and Peace Lilies are all great plants to get you started.  If you’re looking to add some variety to your sunroom garden, hanging plants, such as Spider Plants and Boston Ferns, can do just that.

Some people choose to plant herb gardens in their sunrooms, so they can enjoy cooking with fresh herbs.  Since herbs thrive in a lot of sunlight, a sunroom is the perfect place to start an indoor herb garden.  As long as you can provide the proper care, you can choose any of your favorite herbs to get your garden started.

If you live in an area that has chilly winters, you could even bring your outdoor plants into your sunroom, so you can continue to enjoy them year round.  You’ll find that a sunroom will allow you to have several options when starting your indoor garden.

Caring for Plants

Now that you have chosen your plants, you will need to follow the care instructions.  Regardless of what plants you choose, it is important to try to recreate its natural environment.  For example, you will want to keep your sunroom heated and humid all year long if you chose several tropical plants.

Plant care can also vary by sunlight.  Rather than just placing your plants wherever you think they look the best, you should place them in a spot that will provide them with the recommended amount of sunlight.  If the plant requires indirect sunlight, you won’t want to stick it in a window that the sun shines through most of the day.  That would be a better spot for a plant that requires hours of direct sunlight.

Choosing the Right Sunroom Builder

With the right plants and proper care, you can enjoy a beautiful garden in your sunroom.  If you would love to take up sunroom gardening but don’t have a sunroom, S.E. Wisconsin Sunrooms can build your dream sunroom, so you can start filling it with lovely plants to enjoy throughout the year.