The most distinctive feature of any conservatory is the roof. For over 40 years, S.E. Wisconsin Sunrooms has improved the style and value of the homes of thousands of Wisconsinites, crafting elegant, naturally-lit spaces that bring the beauty of the great outdoors to the comfort of the indoors.

Roof Options Gallery

Take a look at the difference between our roof options and find the best one for you!

To ensure maximum energy efficiency and protection from harmful UV rays, our roof options are crafted with the following materials:

Celsius Glass: Delivering the perfect balance of solar control and high visibility, Celsius glass will give you a crystal clear view of the outdoors while blocking skin-damaging, furniture-fading UV rays.

Silver/Opal IR Reflective Heatguard Polycarbonate: This material delivers an incredible balance of solar reflectance, insulating value and light transmission. It will keep glare and solar heat gain to a minimum, creating a more optimal space to work, read or relax.

Conservatory Roof Options

When selecting your roof, it’s important to carefully consider which style best suits your needs. Some allow for more space while others give your home a more contemporary look. Our roof options include all of the following:

Edwardian: A modern interpretation of regal-age European architecture, the Edwardian roof is vaulted and sloped to create more light and a greater impression of space.,

Victorian: Initially implemented in conservatories that graced the lawns of European nobility, the Victorian roof is distinctively rounded at the front to give it a more elegant look.

Cathedral: Reminiscent of old-world European architecture, the cathedral roof style features a dramatic front elevation to create more space on the inside.

Studio: The most simple and versatile roof option; the studio style fits with virtually any home design.

Hip Studio: Similar to the studio style, the hip studio roof option features an Edwardian-like front to open up more space.

Bespoke: If your floor plan doesn’t accommodate a standard design, the bespoke option is right for you. This type of roof can be custom-crafted to fit any design.

European Skylight: This roof option provides a dramatic appearance both inside and out, allowing natural light to flourish through the interior space.

Pool House: Crafted with wide, open spans that don’t need interior vertical supports, this option is perfect for creating an indoor pool area.

For more information on our extensive list of roof options, contact S.E. Wisconsin Sunrooms. Call us or fill out our online form to receive your free design consultation and quote today!

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